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Taiwan Kuosheng Nuclear Plant 2 Reactor 1 Shuts Down – Forever

Natural gas fired replacement power will contribute nearly 1000X more CO2 emissions every day Last night, the first reactor of the Kuosheng Nuclear Power Plant shut down permanently, six months prior to its scheduled retirement date of December 27 due to lack of spent fuel storage capacity, preventing spent fuel from being removed and replaced…More

Maanshan-1 returns but High Demand keeps Margins Tight

Amid torrential rains that potentially put water behind the dams at Taiwan’s hydropower plants as well as the restart of Maanshan Nuclear Power Plant(NPP3), Taiwan might expect that its energy squeeze would have eased today. Hydropower makes a small but important contribution to Taiwan’s power supply, and the end of the longstanding drought would improve…More

It’s not just Nuclear — As Demand Surges, nearly 10% of Capacity is Offline

Power demand rose 3% in the first quarter of 2021, and Taipower’s capacity has not kept pace. Taipower’s reserve margin sat uncomfortably in the yellow at 6.19% today, just 0.2% above the critical Red Line. This decline in reserve margins is at least partly due to a current reduction in nuclear power. Nuclear power comprised…More

The Once and Future King Coal

Along with shutting down all the nuclear power plants, a key goal of Taiwan’s ongoing energy transition is the reduction of coal in the power generating mix to 30%. Unfortunately, Taipower’s data show that as power demand increases, Taiwan has few other options than to rely even more heavily relied upon coal. Nearly all of…More

Taipower Data hint at causes of power outage

In the wake of the power outage yesterday, it’s worth looking at Taipower’s supply data for hints as to possible contributing factors. The cause of the outage was a tripped busbar, or human error, or a surge in demand that exceeded capacity… the news seems to be all over the place. The sudden loss of…More

Japan in Hot Water Over Nuclear Wastewater

Region greets Japan’s plans to dump nuclear wastewater with skepticism Japanese power company TEPCO announced plans to dump 1.25 million tons of wastewater used as coolant for the ruined Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. TEPCO says that it has filtered all the radioactive isotopes from the water except for relatively harmless tritium. Critics say that…More

A Question of Trust

Does Taipower have the proper safety culture to manage nuclear power? As Taiwan debates the merits of nuclear power and the prospects of reviving the Lungman Nuclear Power Plant (NPP4) project, safety is of topmost concern. Like flying an airplane, there is no room for error while operating a nuclear power plant and no second…More

Balancing the Grid in the Renewable Age

While the rollout of solar and offshore wind power steal headlines in Taiwan, investment and expansion into the power grid is equally vital to Taiwan’s successful energy transition. More

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